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Notes on the 1878-S VAM Listings

Part One — VAM 1 to VAM 25

1878-S VAM 1-25 Chart


The idea behind the above chart is to share some notes about 1878-S varieties that I’ve used over the past decade. This information, of course, is far from being the final word on the subject, but I’m pleased to throw my hat in the ring with the few specialists who make the 1878-S VAM Set a work-in-progress. Indeed, a tip of the hat should go to all those intrepid adventurers who concentrate on the more than 150 catalogued varieties in the 1878-S Set and keep their ears to the ground for new discoveries. In particular, Larry Briggs was helpful in the early days of compiling the basis for the chart, but kudos must always start with the iconic founder of our segment of the hobby, Leroy Van Allen. Thanks, all...

Legend for the Background Colors

The VAM Number for Varieties and Sub-Varieties as Cataloged by Leroy Van Allen
My Variety Notes, Descriptions, and Insights for each 1878-S Variety or Sub-Variety
VAM Listings which have been Eliminated, Moved or Changed by Van Allen and/or others
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