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1878-S VAM Listings
1878-S VAM Listings —
Part 1
VAMs 1 to 25

The idea behind the accompanying chart is to share some of our research in the 1878-S set, much of which was developed over the last decade. It is hoped that, even though far from being complete, something in it may benefit specialists who, like myself, constantly seek information beyond what is currently in print. Read Report

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1922-P Moustache Variety
New Findings on the 1922-P "Moustache" Variety

There are few, if any, U.S. Peace dollar varieties that are as well known or as popular as the 1922-P "Moustache" variety. Indeed, if you ask non-variety coin collectors to name just one Peace dollar variety, it’s more than likely the "Moustache" variety will be the first, and maybe the only one, they mention. Why? Read Article

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