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VAMTRACK Value Guide

Indications of Retail Pricing for the Peace Dollar Top 50 Varieties

Part 2 – 1925-1935

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VAMtrack Value Guide - Peace Dollar Top 50 Part 2


Editor’s Note: It turns out that the Top 50 Peace dollar listed varieties dating from 1925 through 1935 do not trade hands at the same rate as the 1921 to 1924 varieties, so that corroborating data is very much reduced. So, the Part II Value Guide listings are more tentative than the Part I estimates, and at this point, should be considered general guidelines only, and not specific values.

From Part 1: In order to convey the maximum amount of information in the VAMTrack Value Guide, as problematic as it is, we’ve developed a system of color-coded backgrounds to indicate instances where pricing in various venues has come to our attention and has recently fallen within the framework of the ranges listed in the guide. This is certainly not "proof" of the validity of any individual retail price, but merely one more piece of information that might prove useful to collectors. Needless to say, some of the prices we encountered were above those listed, while others were below. As a result, each pricing point in the accompanying guide is ultimately the editor’s rough estimate of value compiled from all the available sources. Yes, pricing is a contentious subject, and you might well ask, "Why bother jumping out of the skillet into the fire?" Our response is simple. The VAMTrack Pricing Guide was assembled in response to frequent inquiries about our opinion as to what a particular Peace dollar variety might be worth in a particular grade. Now it’s our hope that the guide can present some useful data points, add to the discussion and then help to stabilize the ever-fluctuating market for these varieties.


Chart Legend

Date and Mintmark of the varieties listed in the Oxman/Close Top 50 Attribution Guide.
Coins offered in various Fixed Price Lists, including coins listed for sale on the PCGS/Collectors’ Universe website, as well as other on-line sites, where individual prices fit within the ranges displayed in the orange boxes.
Coins sold by on-line auction houses, such as Heritage and GreatCollections, at prices which fit within the price range displayed in the green boxes.
Coins offered for sale on EBay at prices which fit within the range displayed in the yellow boxes. Due to a number of issues, including the fact that it is not always possible to ascertain which coins actually sell, caution should be used as to the reliability of this information. Hence, the yellow background color.
Private transactions that we are aware of, usually collector to collector, but also dealer to collector sales and collector to dealer sales.
Popularity of a particular variety in Mint State, as measured on a five-star scale, five stars being the most popular among collectors.


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